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The founders of InsectPark are professional naturalists with more than 40 years of experience, concerned about the loss of contact between man and his natural environment. This centre was created to give visibility to the forgotten nature to all those who are curious to discover it. 

Since 1965 Pedro Velasco and since 1986 Paloma Delgado, now heads of Microfauna Exhibitions and Entomofauna Insectarium, have been developing activities of study of insects and other arthropods in the world’s fauna. Their knowledge and the collection of materials and species during this time have made possible the formation of a private scientific collection of more than 70,000 species of insects from all over the world, which now serves as an exposition and scientific consultation collection.

Pedro Velasco

Dedicated for more than 30 years to the study of insects, Pedro has been the creator of the Insectarium of Safari Madrid and the Insectarium-Polinarian of Faunia (Biological Park of Madrid). 

Throughout his career he has produced more than 60 travelling exhibitions, including:“Los más raros insectos del mundo” (The rarest insects in the world), “Vivitos y Coleando” (alive and kicking), “Tarántulas en acción” (Tarantulas in action) and “Nuestras mariposas” (Our Butterflies), in collaboration with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. In addition to his passion for entomology, Pedro is a naturalist photographer and creator of the TV series “Universo Insólito” (unusual universe). 

He is currently the director of Microfauna Exposiciones, a material bank and source of scientific consultation comprising a private collection of more than 50,000 specimens of insects and arachnids from all over the world.

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Paloma Delgado

Dedicated for several years to the study and reproduction of reptiles, especially large boids. Paloma has carried out numerous scientific expeditions to tropical countries, notably to Guyana, Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius, Tanzania, Kenya, Costa Rica, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Borneo and Patagonia. Expeditions in which she has collected samples and images for the formation of exhibitions on Nature and Ecology, such as “Insectorama” and “Los tesoros de las selvas” (Treasures of the jungle). She is also co-founder of the Microfauna Society for the dissemination of entomology.

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Among they activities, the following stand out:

  • Design and realization of permanent and traveling exhibitions on varied themes of nature and the environment, with a cultural, educational and informative nature.
  • Setting up of museums of entomology and tropical insectariums
  • Carrying out naturalist expeditions for more than 20 years.
  • Creation of a photographic bank of images for nature publications. 
  • Breeding and reproduction of Iberian and tropical insects and other arthropods.
  • Through the societies founded by them, different permanent  and traveling exhibitions have been created that have been used for the dissemination of entomology and environmental education.

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