About InsectPark


It is an original and innovative centre for scientific and cultural dissemination about nature. A place where you can discover the true dimension of the invertebrate world: colorful butterflies, spectacular beetles and enigmatic spiders. 

Exhibits that will amaze you when you gaze upon the most forgotten and less known faunas, but which in biodiversity spectacularly surpass the rest of the living creatures. The insect species alone account for 77% of the world’s different animal life, it is estimated that for every kilogram of human population there are 270 kilos of insect life on the planet.

The contents of InsectPark include living species (butterflies and insects from other singular groups) and naturalized species (scientific collections of insects from all over the world). A collection gathered together after more than 40 years of expeditions and scientific work to show the extraordinary biodiversity of insects that populate the planet.


Some have been collected in their places of origin following ethical standards and conservation laws to be used in the study and scientific dissemination. Others come from captive-breeding farms attached to sustainable development programs for indigenous peoples dedicated to the rational exploitation of their natural resources in the face of productive occupational deficiencies.

The live species exhibited are the result of captive breeding with closed biological cycles, thus preventing the collection of protected wild specimens in their natural environments. All CITES species and those included in other Nature protection laws have their official certificates of legal origin.


There are more than 1 million cataloged species of insects and it is believed that there may be up to 5 million. Due to deforestation and changes in the planet, many of them will become extinct without being known. See the most spectacular species by visiting the “InsectPark Microfauna Museum”.

All the specimens that make up the scientific collections of InsectPark are real specimens, some alive and others naturalized, which keep their texture, colors and body parts intact. These are not reproductions but real specimens perfectly preserved with their colors, drawings and natural shine.

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